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Drag and Drop Mobile App Builder Free – How to Build Apps Without Codes 

drag and drop mobile app builder free

With the help of drag and drop mobile app builder free you can always build an app freely with no codes. Since apps help businesses grow, smartphone apps have been incredibly popular in recent years. So do you encounter obstacles when developing apps? If so, you are in the appropriate location!

We think it’s not essential to construct an app if you don’t know how to code. the simplest way to create an app is covered in this article. Let’s delve into it now

How Do App Developers Operate?

Although not all no-code app builders operate in the same way, most of them use the same procedures to create an app:

Step 1: Get your idea first

It’s crucial to have a comprehensive understanding of your app before hiring an app creator. What do you hope to get out of this app? What group do you want to appeal to? Building a thorough app with all the required features will be easier if you take the time to develop a clear app concept.

Step 2: Select a template in step two

You are now prepared to select an app template that best matches your business requirements once you have an app idea.

For instance, if you own a restaurant, you must choose a cuisine template to make a visually appealing app for your patrons.

Step 3: Individualization

After choosing an app template, you may customize the final output by adding a layout, color scheme, personal logo, and text.

Step 4. Test the application

It’s a great idea to test your app and obtain user feedback before releasing it to the public. You’ll be able to make the necessary adjustments after testing to improve the user experience.

Step 5: Make the app public

It’s time to publish the software on Google Play or the Apple App Store after you’ve completed the necessary changes.

Drag and Drop Mobile App Builder Free

The process of creating a mobile app is no longer expensive or difficult. Thanks to no-code technology, which offers app builders even if you cannot program, You might be wondering if there is a free app creator that allows for drag-and-drop functionality. Yes, and that’s wonderful news for you! The detailed features of this drag and drop mobile app builder free are as follows:


In recently, drag and drop mobile app builder free has revolutionized app development by making it reachable to businesses, students, and individuals.

With the help of drag and drop mobile app builder free AppsGeyser, you can create an app in a matter of minutes without any coding knowledge.

With only a few clicks, business owners and students can learn how to create Android apps with this drag and drop mobile app builder free.

After filling out the form with pertinent information, it provides free app templates for users to create a native Android app from the ground up. It offers 30 free app templates for both commercial and non-commercial use.

AppsGeyser’s Features

  1. Builds Apps faster

With a few easy clicks, Android apps may be created. A mobile app may be created with AppsGeyser in about 10 minutes. Only relevant content in-app forms are required for the development.

  1. No Charge

You don’t have to pay to create, download, or publish mobile apps when utilizing AppsGeyser. Use of its app-building features is free. Additionally, it enables you to get the APK files free of charge.

  1. A wide range of templates

You can select from 30 app themes offered by our free mobile app builder to suit your demands whether they are professional, educational, or personal.

Social networking websites like YouTube, TikTok, messaging, browsers, video chat, and many others are among the free app designs.

  1. The Money of Apps

The free app creator offers a detailed tutorial on monetizing mobile apps. So, you have the option to monetize your Android app through in-app purchases or banner advertising.

  1. Use of Social Media

You may link your mobile app with social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and your blog to increase the number of subscribers with AppsGeyser.

How Can An Android App Be Made Without Cost?

You may create an Android app for free by following these three steps:

First, select a template

You must first select free app templates that are ideal for your requirements. Website, browser, YouTube, TikTok, messaging, video chat, game, and more apps are all included in these free templates. On the “Create Now” page of AppsGeyser, you may access all of the free app templates.

Step 2: Add Content To customize your mobile app

Upload content such as the app’s name, logo, text, and links. It’s not that difficult. The process of uploading content won’t take more than ten minutes.

3rd step: Release the app
Congratulations! You have currently created a free Android app. It’s time to publish your app on Google Play Store and obtain the APK file.

Best Drag and Drop Mobile App Builder Free

There is a sizable market for other mobile app developers in addition to AppsGeyser. We are introducing the top platforms for developing user-friendly mobile apps, which have a track record in the field. Explore this further:

  • BuildFire

BuildFire is the top platform in the market for trustworthy app makers. You can publish your app to provide access to your users using our reputable app-building platform.

BuildFire has experienced tremendous growth in popularity in recent years thanks to its user-friendly interface, quick app development, and extensive customization options.

Appy Pie

With the help of the well-known app maker Appy Pie, beginners can create apps to achieve their professional or personal objectives.

Users are able to interact with the platform for nothing. Users can select any membership plan that suits their needs after they are aware of the development process. Three monthly subscription plans are available:

Basic Plan, $36 per app
Gold Plan, $72 per app; Platinum Plan, $120 per app

Additionally, this app builder offers lessons to assist users in creating in-app features. Additionally, you have access to the live chat feature to address any issues you may run into when creating your app. Follow these easy three steps to use Appy Pie to create a mobile app for your company:

Step 1: Select the category of your app, such as business, education, etc.

Step 2: Add personalized themes and app pages to your app to make it more unique.

Step 3: Make your app public


The most reputable app developer for iOS and Android is GoodBarber. With dependable mobile apps, this no-code platform has assisted enterprises in realizing their full potential.

The user interface for this app builder is simple and user-friendly. Even if you don’t know how to code, creating apps with this app builder is a smooth process.

After registering with this platform, you can immediately begin designing your app. This platform stands apart from other app builders thanks to its distinctive features.


Users can create apps using Mobincube, a free platform that requires no prior coding experience. Mobincube is the top app builder that delivers value; the majority of free app builders don’t provide high-quality apps.

This app builder offers an intuitive user interface that enables users to make a variety of apps, from gaming to business, education to home, and much more.

You can create an app using this app builder, and you can launch it for nothing. In addition to offering free app creation, it provides the following monthly subscription plans:

Lite Plan: $2.99 per month
Low Plan: $9.99 per month
Big Plan: $19.99 per month
Plan XL: $49.99 per month
Plan XXL: $99.99 per month
Any subscription package that fits your professional or personal objectives is available to you


Online app creator Shoutem assists company owners in making their ideas a reality. Since the emphasis of this app builder is on design, all of its free templates feature modern app layouts.

Therefore, the Shoutem app builder is the best choice if you want to create a visually stunning app. Free and simple to customize, these app templates.

Using free app templates, you may change the content, colors, themes, and layouts. Your app will appear more current and full of valuable features as a result.


Swiftic is an online tool that enables both large and small enterprises to move their activities into the digital sphere. The number of apps created on this platform can be used to evaluate an app builder’s legitimacy. Swiftic made a wise decision by focusing on both large and small enterprises.

Swiftic offers on-screen assistance to help newcomers learn how to create an app utilizing their platform and lets customers take a guided tour of their editor. Even a beginner can create an app using our app-building platform’s user-friendly UI for business purposes.


With the help of drag-and-drop features, the free app builder AppInstitute enables small business owners to advertise their services online.

With its simple user interface, this no-code app builder aids businesses in creating apps without having to hire a programming staff.

Additionally, this app development platform provides free app templates for 20 different business categories. To create an app using AppInstitute, you must adhere to three straightforward steps:

  • Pick a free template that is appropriate for your company’s needs.
  • Include the text, style, and color scheme for your business.
  • Release the app.

You can select one of three monthly membership packages from this no-code platform depending on the needs of your app:

$42 per month for AppBuilder
$66/month for AppBuilder Pro
$84/month for AppBuilder Pro Plus
Renter: $340 per month


AppMaster is a no-code app builder that aids in the expansion of enterprises from the small to the enterprise level. This app builder generates source code, making it more than just a no-code platform.

Users thus receive a fully functional native application with the ability to export the source code, just like in the case of traditional development, but much more quickly, inexpensively, and simple to maintain.

AppMaster thus combines the benefits of no-code and conventional development. The platform provides comprehensive technical documentation, which greatly accelerates the learning curve.

There are four customizable membership plans with monthly payments are available that are available on AppMaster:

Look into: $5/month
Initial: $165 per month
Company: $855 per month
Enterprise: Request a price.


drag and drop mobile app builder free

Appery is a flexible no-code app builder that provides drag-and-drop app-building capabilities. This cloud-based app builder facilitates the creation of apps for Windows Phone, iOS, and even Android.

The users of this platform do not need to download or install anything because it is cloud-based. So you can rapidly start creating apps.

Once the app is created, you may instantly distribute it to customers and business owners. Beginners can even utilize this no-code platform because the user interface was designed using drag-and-drop choices.

Additionally, this platform gives beginners tutorials and instructions on how to create a simple app. You may create an app using this app builder by following these five simple steps:

This app developer provides the following four monthly subscription tiers in addition to a free trial:

Beginner: $25 per month Pro: $70 per month Team: $135 per month Ultimate: $500 per month Professionals

Building apps using drag and drop Cloud-based Mobile back end Cons If you wish to make complex changes to your app, Appery needs you to have a basic understanding of coding.


drag and drop mobile app builder free

Using integrated drag-and-drop functionality, MobAppCreator is an online app builder that assists companies in creating native mobile apps.

MobAppCreator uses modules to create apps. This strategy enables business owners to incorporate different features to strengthen their apps. This software developer offers four subscription levels in addition to a free trial:

What stands out is that MobAppCreator assesses these fees annually.

Note: For small business owners, MobAppCreator’s membership rates are expensive.


drag and drop mobile app builder free

The simpler drag-and-drop option for creating apps without writing any code. One of the drawbacks is that you can’t host your own websites on a web server because the platform hosts mobile apps, which ties you to it.

In addition to the free trial, Bubble provides three subscription options that let anyone create an app in a matter of minutes.

$25/month for a personal plan
Expert Plan: $115 per month
Monthly Production Budget: $475
The fact that customers pay annually for these subscription plans is notable.

Final Reflections

A few years ago, it was impossible to create apps with no code. Today, drag and drop mobile app builder free are popular for assisting students or small businesses in creating mobile applications that serve their professional or personal needs.

We trust that you now fully understand the top 10 app development platforms, their features, costs, and the most user-friendly app builder ideal for beginners.

Even without any coding experience, beginners can create a user-friendly mobile app using these development methods.

Compared to traditional development, these drag and drop mobile app builder free provides quicker and more affordable development solutions.

Additionally, some app developers offer free app templates for creating apps. We advise you to try AppMaster among all app-building platforms because it aids entrepreneurs in expanding from microbusinesses to large corporations.

The user-friendly aspect of this no-code app creation is that it gives consumers access to the source code, technical documentation, and a less expensive app development option.

The cost of developing a mobile app is influenced by the developers, the procedure, and the objectives of your app. You can test any development approach that more quickly and affordably satisfies your business needs.

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