Have you been hearing about blogging and have you been wondering how you can venture into it?. Well, today is your lucky day because am going to be showing you how to start a blog and make money.

I have been blogging for over 5 years now and I have loved every moment of it (both the good and the bad).

Blogging has helped a lot of people around the world, me inclusive in earning a living, and has also exposed people to a lot of things.

Finding the right information online especially on youtube took me time but helped me a lot before finally launching my very first blog in 2015.

However, in this article, we are going to be looking at the step-by-step guide on how to start up a blog very fast and easily.

A lot of people may see blogging as a very complicated thing but trust me when you get all the recommended basics, you are good to go.

Heads up

  • This guide is about 30 minutes read and covers over 4,000 words.
  • It might take a long time to read, but everything you need to know about is available here.
  • I will also talk about how you can set up a WordPress blog very fast

How to start a blog in 10 easy steps.

Why are you starting a blog?.

Are you willing to dedicate your time and effort to your blog?.

Select a perfect niche for your blog.

Pick a blogging platform.

Pick a domain name/Hosting Provider.

Start a blog on WordPress.

Pick a design for your blog.

Write content and promote your blog.

Make money on your blog.

The following outline above is the step-by-step processes you must follow when you want to start a blog. Without your understanding of them, you won’t be quite ready yet. I may not cover all but I will surely cover the most important parts.

Let’s Get Starting with the steps by step process.

  • Why are you starting a blog?

You can’t venture into something without reasons as to why you want to venture into it.

A successful Nigerian Blogger who is the CEO of one of the best Nigerian News outlets questioned me a few years back. Asking me what my motives are for wanting to start a blog is. For me, it was an actual need to write and just wanted to share my ideas with the world which should be one of a good motive for you to start a blog.

A lot of people out there today want to start a blog because they want free stuff. Some also say they want to make fast money but trust me it doesn’t just work that way. So why not do it because you love it.

Most bloggers make the mistake of going into blogging without actually know why they want to blog. This is because 99% of them are actually after the money (That’s a typical example of blogging gone wrong).

And most times, you will find out that this category of people quit along the line which is a waste of resources and time.

It is always advisable that, before you actually dive into the blogging world you need to ask yourself.

Are you going into blogging because you are passionate about it? or You just have an ulterior motive.

A blog’s primary aim is to inform, educate, promote, and even sell so you have to be clear on your motives to start.

You can start a blog to communicate something, message, or idea, build a community around you, keep your followers updated on what is new in your brand. Even to explain how your product or service works and why people should go for it.

Also, if you are planning on starting a blog, you must possess certain skills.

Blogging Skills required to be a blogger.

Writing and Thinking Skills

About 90% of the work in blogging requires having very good writing and thinking skills.

The ability to produce eye-catching and compelling write-ups that are easy to read for your users to enjoy and understand is very essential in the blogging world.

Avoid any spelling & grammatical mistakes, use punctuations wherever necessary, make paragraphs at regular intervals.

Some basic ways you can create powerful contents is by;

  • Analyzing your existing contents
  • Do keyword research
  • Listen to your customer/visitor
  • Get Creative

Strong will-power & patience

As a blogger, you must possess a strong will and determination. This is one of the traits most blogger of today lack and ends up quitting. I understand that somedays in blogging could be pretty rough and frustrating that is why I advise that people who are interested in going into blogging should at least have a passion for it.

Therefore Strong will-power & patience are also very important in blogging without it, you are going nowhere.

Interaction skill

As a blogger, your interaction skills matter a lot it is not all about having a lot of comments and our articles but it’s about you responding to them. Interaction creates a stronger relationship and trust between you and your users as well as attracting more traffic in return.

Interaction between your readers and you should satisfactorily answer the reader’s comments & questions.


Discipline is a primary pillar of whatever work you do and as for blogging is concerned, whether you are a full-time or part-time blogger, you need to set your priorities straight and abide by them.

Pick your most productive time, make a timetable for publishing, editing, and doing a lot of research don’t be lazy or procrastinate.


In blogging, technical SEO skills are very essential. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and this is the process whereby your articles appear at the top of search results.

In this aspect, writing good content is not enough to get your blog in top search results, this is due to the huge competition for every blogging niche from so many pro bloggers.

Therefore it is very important to learn SEO to attract more organic traffic. You can keep learning about it as you go long & deep into your blogging career.

Marketing skill

Good marketing skills build more traffic and sale to your blog. It is referred to as eMarketing which includes e-promotor and e-selling.

Blogging is also known as an online business and every business requires good marketing skills, you should always know how to market your blog contents at the right time and manner to attract more users.

Focus on creating Unique content

Copy and paste is something that is famously done in the blogging world which is very bad and google hates it.

People who involve in the copy and paste method of blogging never rank on google so it is always good you ensure your contents are unique and not copied.

Are you willing to dedicate your time and effort?

This is a very important question you need to ask yourself. Every day, things happen and you need to keep your fans and followers updated always, and at the same time the more quality time you spend on your blog the faster it grows.

If you feel you don’t have much time to manage a blog then you are certainly not ready or blogging isn’t just for you.

  • Select a perfect niche for your blog.

Before starting your successful blog, you must know your niche. What I mean by knowing your niche is, knowing the topic you are best at.

There are lots of niches to write about which includes;

  1. Health
  2. Nutrition
  3. Fashion
  4. Travel
  5. Beauty
  6. Lifehacks
  7. Relationship
  8. Relationship advice
  9. Photography
  10. Politics
  11. Business
  12. Technology
  13. Celebrity
  14. Sports
  15. Entertainment
  16. News
  17. Marketing
  18. Investing
  19. Music
  20. Games
  21. Comedy
  22. Movies
  23. Computer
  24. Robotics
  25. Astronomy
  26. Geography
  27. Vehicles
  28. Branded Products
  30. Food

At this point, you need to run a little analysis on yourself to pick a perfect niche.

How to Pick a Blog Niche.

You might be a little be confused about how to pick a blog niche but below is a very helpful strategy that will help you.

  • Creating a list of things you are passionate about

Here you have to get a pen and paper, list down the things you are passionate about personally as a person.

  • Create a list of things you are good at.

Now, from the list of things you are passionate about you need to factor out the things you are good at and could do.

For example; You might be passionate about cooking and but do not know how to cook so definitely, Cooking can not be on the second list of things you are good at.

  • Determine your commitment to each of them you listed.

After factoring out the list of things you are very passionate about and good at, you need to know your commitment to each of them.

You could be very good at drawing at the same time good at Music so you really need to think deeply and ask your self between Drawing and Music which are you more involved in.

  • Choose your blog niche

With all the above done, you should be able to come out with a perfect niche that suits your capability.

This will help you in delivering your best and new ideas to the world.

Most people make mistakes of having multiple niches on their blogs. The reality of you trying to reach out to everybody will cause you to reach out to nobody. So it is good to know your niche and target audience.

NOTE: It is always advisable to stick to a specific niche to produce unique content because it is the easiest and fastest way to become a successful blogger.

  • Choose a blogging platform
  • Statistical Representation of the most used Blogging Performs

There are numerous blogging platforms to use although making you a self-hosted platform with the use of WordPress is the easiest and fastest way.

So in this tutorial, we are going to be working with WordPress. WordPress is the most popularly used and its user experience is top-notch. You don’t need any coding or programming skills to set your website on WordPress.

I am also going to be showing you step by step guides on how to start a blog on WordPress.

One like the self-hosted WordPress blog, which allows you to choose your domain name freely, there are other platforms to start a blog on in case you might not be able to afford it.

Free Blogging Platforms:-

  1. WordPress-Hosted: It is a free WordPress hosted platform that allows you to create a blog for free without paying a dime. All you have to do to get started on the WordPress-hosted platform for your free blog is to visit WordPress.com and sign up.
  2. Blogger: Just like WordPress.com  Blogger is also another amazing platform to work with when creating a free blog. To get started visit Blogger.com and start-up your blog for free.
  3. Tumblr: Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. It’s where your interests connect you with your people and also a free blogging platform to use visit Tumblr.com

Now, using a free platform for your blog will subject you to their rules and regulation. They also prohibit ads on your blog which means you will not be able to make money from your blog. Instead, they may even place their own ads on your blog.

When using the free platform, you will be unable to have your domain name the way you want it. For example, if your pick “venose” as your domain name this is how it will appear on the following free platform;

WordPress-Hosted (WordPress.com) – venose.wordpress.com

Blogger – venose.blogspot.com

Tumblr – venose.tumbrl.com

This is actually not cool so if you are serious about having your own blog and getting the best experience, then I advise you to stay away from free blog sites and go for a self-hosted blog.

All you need for the self-hosted platform is a domain and a web hosting provider.

  • Pick a domain/Hosting Provider.

I guess that by now after you must have gone through the content above, you should know the purpose of starting a blog and other important things. So it is time for you to buy a domain and hosting plan.

In picking a domain name name, it is also important you choose a name that matches your niche. So guys usually have their domain as “best blog tips” and they are blogging about music and news which is a bit weird.

There is a lot of Web hosting company websites to pick from with amazing features.

Examples of Web Hosting Companies.

These are our top picks of the best web hosting companies they very reliable and it is been used by Top websites all over the world.

Choosing the wrong Web Hosting Company for your blog to resolve several issues on your site for both you and user users so it is always best you go for the best quality.

So for beginners, I am going to be showing you have to get your website domain and hosting on Namecheap it offers great services to users and a very cheap and affordable rate.

How to Buy a Domain and Hosting Package on Namecheap.

  1. Go to Namecheap by clicking here.
  1. Select a Shared Hosting Plan. 

Namecheap offers three hosting plans which are;

Stella: Stella is the cheapest housing plan but there no denying that it offers great features.

  • 20GB storage space
  • And you can manage three extra sites on it simultaneously

Stella Plus: Stella plus comes after Stella which more features added to it.

It offers;

  • Unmetered SSD implies that there isn’t a strict limit of traffic to your websites.
  • It can manage unlimited websites at the same time.
  • AutoBackup

Stella Business: It is the best and top plan offer yet with all the features that both Stella and Stella plus offers.

  • 50GB storage space
  • It can manage unlimited websites at the same time.
  • AutoBackup & Cloud Storage

So feel free to pick the plan that suits your budget and get started.

  1. Pick a domain name.

After picking a plan you will be giving the following options as shown in the image below. But since this is about picking a new domain for your website simply click on Purchase a new domain.

After clicking on purchase a new domain you will have to check for the availability of the domain you want to choose if it is not available, Namecheap will notify you immediately so you need a unique name that hasn’t been used already.

Once you get an available Domain simply click on Connect to hosting and then Add to Cart

In the cart, you can edit the number of years you want to both the hosting package and domain name.

It is also recommended that you scroll down where you see a section called Improve Your site and add SSL to your cart.

SSL certificate is very important as it helps secure your domain name and protects your blog’s visitors.

Now in the screenshot of the Cart below, We have;

Domain Registration – Your domain name

WhoisGuard – which is provided by Namecheap for free.

Stellar – which is the hosting package you are about to purchase

Positive SSL –  which is what will help secure your new domain

Having selected all the recommended items, simply confirm your order, fill in the necessary information, and pay for the Domain and Hosting. If you haven’t registered on Namecheap you will be asked to create an account to carry on with the payment process.

After a successful payment Namecheap will send you your website Credentials to the email you provided. This credential includes your Website’s Cpanel (Control Panel) login details.

The Control Panel is where you will be able to install WordPress into your site.

  • Start a WordPress Blog

When you log on to your Control Panel scroll down to where you see scripts and select WordPress.

Click on Install Now and fill in the necessary information required and proceed to Install WordPress. 

Now on the next page, fill in all the required details for your WordPress installation and click install to proceed.

Congratulation on launching your first blog Website. An email will be sent to you from WordPress with all your details and dashboard login link.

You are to login using the username and password you provided when using installing WordPress.

  • Pick a design for your blog

Having a theme is one of the most important things you need. Your theme appearance should be very eye-catching and user-friendly as it will be what your users will see and navigate through.

Start your search for the theme immediately or before your WordPress is installed. WordPress offers many free amazing themes while some are premium themes that are purchased online.

Before selecting a theme always look out for the following;

Description Of the theme: This will allow you to know if the theme matches your needs.

Check the responsiveness: It is recommended by Google to have a responsive theme that works on Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile Devices.

Preview the theme: By previewing the theme, you will be able to see the overall look and layout of the theme and also how to customize it.

For many visionary bloggers, the idea of using free themes do not satisfy their needs. I myself do not make use of a WordPress free theme. This is because a free theme doesn’t work to its full functionality.

Therefore the use of a premium theme is very important.

Having a hard time deciding a theme? Click here to see the list of Best WordPress themes.

Installing and setting up a theme might be a little bit difficult especially if you a beginner and not familiar with WordPress.

Recommended tutorial: The Beginner’s Guide to Managing WordPress Blog (including Video Tutorials).

After learning how to manage a WordPress blog you should be ready for the next step.

  • Write Content and Promote your Blog.

Now at this point, you must know how to produce unique and quality content that people will love to read and enjoy.

Already we have spoken about selecting a niche you are best at. If you really did that then you should have no problem with producing quality and unique content for your blog.

In the blogging world, content is the key to achieving success.

Today there are so many cases of stealing other people content to post on their blog. People looking for faster ways of making money fall into this category of copy and paste.

If you looking for a fast way of getting money why not go to the top money-making websites.

Because if you are into blogging and you are copying other people’s content then you don’t really have a passion for it.

1% out of 100 are successful copy and paste bloggers. It is a very slim chance so why do it if you are thinking of going into blogging and you cannot make unique content then it’s probably blogging is not for you.

Why a Blogger should never Copy and Paste 

Google hates it: Google is like the overseer of all blogs and websites (The number one Search Engine in the world). they refer to copy and paste as “Plagiarism” which means “Wrongful Appropriation” and “Stealing and Publication” of other author’s “Language thought, ideas, or expression” and the representation of them as one’s own original work.

From the definition above we can conclude that people who indulge in the plagiarism act are thieves and the reality of it all is your blog will never rank high on google.

Google provides a money-making program for bloggers called “Adsense” this is the best way to earn money from your blog and with Plagiarism you will never get approved by google.

Condemning Someone’s Labour – 

Now I want you to put your self in this situation imagine you tried all your possible best, sleepless nights, research, and finally wrote an article for your blog only for somebody else to come and copy your content and claims it’s ownership then gets more attention for it than you. Nobody will ever feel it was your handwork.

So this is exactly how it feels like when copying people’s work.

Doubtful Uprightness.

You never know who is watching you. When you become an expert in using the Ctrl C and V, somebody could be seeking where to place an advert and skip to a blog where it’s contents are purely unique rather than coming to yours which uprightness and integrity will be questioned.

People that are good advertisers will not find your blog accommodating for placing their Adverts because people will be running due to content they have already seen elsewhere.


Copy and pasting are clear proof that you have no special trait of a blogger and it is an act of laziness.

Website Desertion.

When all the points listed above are put together, it will definitely result in users abandoning your blog.

Most bloggers that are into the News and Entertainment niche copy posts, re-writes, edit them into their own expression, and publish which is really not bad and it is acceptable. You can venture into this and be on a safer side than being a criminal.

How to Promote your Blog.

When you begin to make original and quality content, begin to device means to promote your blog by telling friends and families about it.

Submit your blog to a search engine.

This is a very important thing to do to help your blog get indexed. By submitting your blog URL to Search Engines you are giving them signals that your blog is live and it will be easier for them to crawl your pages for more visibility.

To submit your blog URL to Google, sign in to your Google Account and go to the Submit URL option in Webmaster Tools. For extra credit, submit your site to Bing.

Submit your blog to bookmarking sites.

Bookmarking sites help in making our content visible to a targeted audience who are searching for content within your niche. Examples of social bookmarking sites are Scoop.itReddit, etc.

Be active in your niche.

Get active on relevant blogs, forums, and social pages. Blogger communities are a good way to connect with other bloggers within your niche. You can engage, build friendships, and help each other in spreading the content.

Be active on social networks.

Your business is unique, and you should make use of the social media avenues that best fit your own niche and style. Choose the one (or ones) that best fit your needs and become an expert at leveraging them to help reach your goals.

Comment on other blogs.

Commenting on people’s blogs is just another great way to connect with top bloggers that are in the same niche as you are. It creates awareness of your existence and builds your personal brand within your niche

Guest blogging

Take the relationship a step further and offer to write a guest post for other websites. Just be sure your work goes on reputable sites and that the content is directly related to your niche. Guest blogging is an excellent way to build an online presence.

Start building your mailing list

Once your blog gains new fans and readers it’s a good idea to collect the email addresses of those who want to be notified of new articles and offers. As people come to know and trust you, they will respond better to your promotional efforts.

Advertising on the web (paid traffic)

Appropriate and well-informed use of paid media can help you gain exposure and attention before your organic (naturally derived) traffic takes hold. Paid traffic avenues include Google AdWords, and Facebook, to name a few major ones.

Search Engine Optimisation 

When it comes to SEO bloggers panic a lot. SEO isn’t as it a lot of people see it as. As a matter of fact, it is the easiest thing so far if you put your heart into it SEO involves three basic things.

  1. Site Audit – This is the process of conductor a deep scan on your site to detect issues that are preventing your blog from ranking high. Once you detect does issues quickly work towards fixing them
  2. Create Quality Content – As I said earlier on content is key. Google loves long articles because they feel it contain enough information to meet user’s needs. That way the increase of your domain authority natural because the more time users spend reading your articles, it sends positive signals to Google.
  3. Building Links – is the process of getting other websites to link back to your website. Building links is one of the many tactics used in search engine optimization (SEO) because links are a signal to Google that your site is a quality resource worthy of citation.

That all about SEO when you are persistent on this, I bet you would blog will shoot skyrocket high. Note that Building links are the last of what you should do not jump and go straight into link building.

  • Make money on your blog.

Now, this is the most interesting part of it all. Making money on your blog.

There are a lot of Companies, Institutions, Businesses, etc that are advertising their products and services worldwide and blogs are one of the best mediums for them to place adverts. This Advertiser meets with Ad companies to help advertise their products and services.

Example of Ad Networks are;

Google AdSense




So far Google Adsense has been the highest paying network worldwide.

Based on your content, Google chooses relevant ads and displays them to your viewers so you get paid each time they click on the ads.

Over the years, Google has become more strict with its ads application process, and as such only approves websites that follow their policies. Some of there major policies include;

  1. Creating High-quality and Unique content.
  2. Avoid Posting Erotic or Nude images and videos.
  3. Your blog must be easy to navigate through.
  4. You should have relevant pages such as About us and Contact us.

Recommended – Google Adsense Policies

If you are confident your Website & content meets Adsense standard, Apply here.

Once approved you can now start making money from your blog.

Congratulations you have finally know how to start a blog from scratch feel free to share on various social media platforms and ask questions in the comment section below. I will be more than willing to assist you.


What is a blog?

A blog refers to a lot of things – an online magazine, diary, newscast, information sharing, a place to learn.

Typically a Blog is the combination of Text, Images, Videos, and Links to relevant related pages and media on the web. Blog readers can leave comments and also communicate with the author.

How do I start up a blog for free?

You might not be buoyant enough to start a self-hosted blog and you are very passionate about blogging  – do not worry. All you have to do is set up a free blog on Blogger or Tumblr in just minutes.

What is a niche and How do I choose one for my blog?

A blog niche is a specific topic you’ll write (or create other types of content) about on your blog.

How to select a niche.

  • Create a list of things you are passionate about

Here you have to get a pen and paper, list down the things you are passionate about personally as a person.

  • Create a list of things you are really good at.

Now, from the list of things you are passionate about you need to factor out the things you are really good at and could actually do.

For example; You might be passionate about cooking and but do not know how to cook so definitely, Cooking can not be on the second list of things you are good at.

  • Determine your commitment to each of them you listed.

After factoring out the list of things you are very passionate about and good at, you need to know your commitment to each of them.

You could be very good at drawing at the same time good at Music so you really need to think deeply and ask your self between Drawing and Music which are you more involved in.

  • Choose your blog niche

With all the above done, you should be able to come out with a perfect niche that suits your capability.

How much does it cost to Start a Blog?

Well apart from using a free blog platform, you can also use a self-hosted platform for your blog which is better than a free blog platform.

The cost of it depends on what hosting company you are going for. But you can get a cheap and reliable website using Namecheap at around $31 yearly.

Do bloggers make money?

You can definitely make money blogging. The amount of money will depend on many factors and it won’t happen overnight but if you put in enough effort you could be making extra income or even make a living from your blog.

When you are just starting a blog, don’t get disappointed if blogging won’t buy you a new car in the first few months.

How much money can you make from a blog?

It all depends on you. There isn’t really how much a blogger can make from his blog as long as he is receiving a huge amount of traffic.

How do I learn WordPress?

Learning WordPress is very easy if you are interested in learning WordPress simply click here and get a full tutorial on how to use WordPress.


Congratulations! Now you’ve learned how to start a blog. You have your own domain name, hosting provider and your blog is set up. Next, you will need to get familiar with the WordPress dashboard, make desired changes, start content creation, and promotion to become a successful blogger.

I hope you found this post very helpful and you learned one or two very interesting tips on how to start a blog.

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