Do you own a real estate website or blog? Then you need to know the different real estate WordPress themes and get the right one in other to make your website and blog more professional.

In this article, you will be getting a complete preview of the real estate themes for any WordPress site, both the free themes and the paid themes.

If you just launched your website and you have been contemplating on which realtor theme you should use, this article will help you kick off.

If you take your time well, you will be getting 10 top real estate WordPress themes for your real estate business, so happy reading…

Building a Real Estate Website

If you don’t know anything about building a website, let start from here…

You may need a website designer if you are not really good at designing, still, yet you can give yourself a trial.

The first thing any website designer is going to do is to purchase a hosting plan, the hosting plan is your land, and your website is the house.

What does this mean?

Your hosting is where your website information resides; you can host your website with hosting companies like Bluehost, nameservers, and a lot more.

I am referring you to these hosting companies because they are cheaper, alongside they will serve you well.

In the process of purchasing a hosting plan, you will get a domain name.

I believe before you will be looking for useful information on the real estate WordPress theme, you must have understood these basic concepts I explained up there.

So fast-tracking our discussion…

The next paragraphs will talk you into the real estate WordPress theme that is better on a realtor website or blog.

This set of themes have been screened regarding how well they can help your site speed fast, how responsive it is, the layout and structural factors, above all how SEO friendly these themes are.

Out of the 10, I’ll be highlighting, I am sure you will eventually find one worthy of using.

Everything is actually worthy, but you cannot use them all.

Top Real Estate WordPress Themes

1. Realtor

real estate wordpress themes

The realtor theme is one of the top 10 themes for a real estate website; it has all the complete features to skyrocket the growth of your business website.

The satisfaction rate of this theme may not be the best, but it worth giving accolades to, you will get developer support once you reach out to them in case of technical issues you are not in a position to handle.

Let talk about the features, just like every other superb real estate WordPress theme, realtor has a well-designed layout, great user experience, quick loading time, and also free from harmful files that can put the health of your website in danger.

It is a premium theme for every real estate agency company that wants to buy a spot for their business online, the view of the theme include the grid and the listing view, it depends on what you love to select while designing your website.

Other features of the website, the filter property, the professional search, the property map that was built with Google maps API, the real estate agent profile page, series of templates to be chosen for each, and a lot of more amazing features.

2. Estate Engine

real estate wordpress themes

This is also a perfect real estate theme to be used, A friend of mine used this theme and it has been very smart with him.

Immediately he changed to the estate engine realtor theme, he experiences some interesting improvements such as an increase in website loading speed.

The layout was aligned well by the developer, and also was user experience friendly.

This theme is specially designed for the real estate owner who loves to engage the copywriting skills on their website, this converts a whole lot of audience and make them get involved in what they sell.

Every available graphics you will be getting from this theme speaks about the real estate industry, using this theme is a wise move for setting up a real estate business.

3. Main Street

real estate wordpress themes

This theme has one of the largest numbers of downloads; the reviewed rating is one of the best among the real estate WordPress themes.

I will advise you to download a theme that has at least an average rating of 4.5/5, though, 4.0 is also good. But a better review will suit you better.

The main street themes fall under a good review rating, it is well structured and has every features a good real estate theme will have.

It is one of the top stylish real estate WordPress themes which have the IDX-MLS integration; also it is a mobile-friendly WordPress theme.

It has better mobile layout features than most of the real estate themes you will see across the theme market place, also SEO friendly and free from virus.

If I will personally rate the main street theme, I will be rating it on my top 7 real estate WordPress theme list. This is because the demo preview has everything I wanted.

4. Real Estater

real estate wordpress themes

I have no doubt… with the name of this theme; you will agree with me that it is specially designed for the real estate business.

Just the way other themes have a similar name, they were also specially made for the real estate industry.

Real estater is also a better theme to use, I have read about the features and I wish you can add this theme to your top lists.

It is a free real estate WordPress theme that has more than 60% of what those paid premium themes have.

It is something to have a good theme, it is another thing to know the cheap or free ones.

If your budget for a theme is low, using real estater is probably going to be the best option for you; it was designed professionally and has a fully customized homepage layout.

Having the grid and list type of view, you can unleash your designing inspiration on it, it is not a complex theme to design.

It is a simple theme and also mobile-friendly.

5. AgentPress Pro

real estate wordpress themes

This is one of the qualified themes that has gotten to the top list of the real estate WordPress theme on the internet; it was specially designed for real estate agents.

Maybe you help people get their dream home, or you help the real estate boss drive tenants to houses with your website.

Using AgentPress Pro is one of those great themes you should consider having on your website.

It is a premium version of the real estate themes, having every complete feature to put your website at the top among its competitors.

It also has the extra amazing features that will help you stand out.

It comes with a listing plugin that allows you to add a more facilitating look to your website, this website is run on a great genesis theme frame.

This simply means your website loading time will be at the rate of the speed of light.

6. Astra

real estate wordpress themes

Most of my website was designed with Astra. Astra is not a real estate WordPress theme, but trust me this theme works with any category of business you are working with.

Let talk about the recognition now…

Astra is rated #1 by the founder of the elementor page builders, rated #3 online, and also. It is rated #1 by me.

Funny right?

But this is how well I love Astra; it is what I use and loves using.

Talking about the features now:

Astra is a free professionally built WordPress theme for every website you own, no matter the category!

This theme comes with a lot of in-built themes which you can install on your WordPress site in just a click; in this in-built theme dwell several categories you can choose from.

It loads very fast and also mobile-friendly, even if you are loading an Astra theme on your desktop, the layout is also great!

It is one sort of an easily customizable theme, simple layout setting, and free to download.

Every beginner will find it easy to design a website with the Astra theme.

7. Divi

real estate wordpress themes

Divi is one of the best WordPress themes I will recommend for you; let us ignore the fact that paying for this amazing theme is the sad news here.

But this theme worth spending on…

It is a multipurpose theme that can suit any category your website falls under including the real estate industry.

It is a well-designed and structured website that has a reasonable loading time and also SEO friendly.

It is quick to set up and also design, you automatically signup for life-time support from the developers.

This is one thing everyone should look out for. When you have a technical issue with Divi, you get it to fix up when you contact support.

Just like every other theme that will be discussed in this article.

8. Altitude Pro

real estate wordpress themes

If I will be telling you to try all these real estate WordPress themes, you will be confused about which one to use, I will love you preview every one of the themes listed here.

Altitude Pro Is another fantastic realtor theme, I don’t want to tell you to add this to your list, but make sure you check out the demo version of this theme.

It has all the complete quality you need; it comes with well-structured multiple pages that have all the images you will need.

All you have to do is just edit the color and text, the simplicity of the theme has made it easier for bloggers to edit this interesting theme.

It has the speed you need, the alignment is superb, the header and footer are easy to edit.

9. Residence

real estate wordpress themes

This is one of those WordPress themes specially built for the realtor, just as there is a correlation between the theme name and housing.

It is a classy and mobile-friendly real estate WordPress theme that has amazing features like; complete and well structural pages, a different type of listing (either the grid or list format).

Also, this theme supports all the plugins on WordPress, also, it is SEO friendly.

It makes the website load very fast, you know visitors don’t have the whole time to spend on your site.

Apart from the fact that this theme is both SEO friendly and mobile friendly to be précised, this theme is devoid of harmful files that can put the condition of a website at risk.

In case you don’t know, this theme comes with the unit and currency conversion feature.

10. OceanWP

real estate wordpress themes

This theme is commonly used, it is a multi-purpose WordPress theme with that flexibility features that enable simplicity.

Flexibility in terms of design, you can always find a way to suit it to any niche you want to, because it is simple and easy to customize.

This theme supports the assistance of important plugins and also page builder like Elementor, it is fully optimized for all search engines online.

It also has a series of website demo you can pick from while customizing, you can easily pick a template and you are good to go.

This template contains well-designed graphics that will speak well of any niche you are interested to revolve around.


I tried my best to screen out the important themes you can use for your real estate website, the above top real estate WordPress themes list are the top-notch themes you should revolve around.

I cannot select the one you should use, you know that right?

Your selection now depends on your emotions, how you view it, and what you feel about it.

Now, here is a tip on how to select a suitable real estate WordPress theme for now…

All you have to do Is to preview each of these themes lives, what I mean by living is that you will see exactly how this theme will look on your site on the internet.

You can access to preview them, after the preview, check out the review of past and present user, by doing this you are good to go.

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