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7 Best WordPress Testimonial Plugins

WordPress Testimonial Plugins

Looking for the best testimonial plugins for your WordPress website can be very difficult with so many options to choose from but no worries, this article will make that choice so much easier.

Testimonials and reviews are great ways to build trust and add socials proof for your website.

In this post, we have carefully reviewed numerous testimonial plugins for WordPress and have come up with the best testimonial plugins you can for your WordPress website.

Importance of using a Testimonial Plugin for WordPress?

The Testimonial plugins allow you to easily add your customer or client testimonials, reviews, or feedback on your WordPress website for potential customers to see and gain some trust for your products and services.

Therefore the Testimonial plugin also helps you in boosting sales.

The testimonials can be added manually by copying them into your posts or pages. But using a WordPress Testimonial Plugin will help you place the reviews on your site in no time

Basically, the testimonial plugin will help you in displaying testimonies in a very attractive manner either in a slider, carousel, grid, or other beautiful layouts.

Based on the type of testimonial plugin you are using, testimonials can be displayed with pictures, a short blurb, reviewer’s name, title, business, or star ratings.

Now, let’s go ahead and show you some of the best WordPress testimonial plugins that you can checkout.

First on our list is;

1. Facebook Social Reviews Feed – Smash Balloon

Facebook Social Reviews Feed is brought to you by Smash Balloon it allows you to showcase reviews from your Facebook page on your WordPress website.

The Facebook Social Review Feed is one of the best options to choose from if you have some great reviews on Facebook.

This simply implies that copying and pasting of any test or seek out fresh testimonials is not needed because the plugin does that automatically once integrated.

The plugins help in boosting trust as they come from real Facebook profiles that can be checked up.

Custom Facebook Feed Pro on its own is the best Facebook feed plugin we have around that works perfectly with any WordPress theme. It makes adding a Facebook page feed to WordPress very easy and enhances engagement on your social media pages.

With the Review extension, you will be able to display Facebook reviews as a testimonial when you enter the shortcode in any of your posts or page or even in a sidebar or footer widget.

With the plugin, your reviews can be displayed anywhere on your landing page or individual product pages.

To get this awesome extension and its feature, you will need to purchase the Custom Facebook Feed Pro Plugin by Smash Balloon.

2. Custom Twitter Review Feed – Smash Balloon

This is yet another great testimonial plugin called Custom Twitter Review Feed made by Smash Balloon used for displaying Twitter testimonials on your WordPress Website.

Similar to Facebook reviews, the testimonials are shared through tweets which is a great way to display what people are saying about your business on Twitter.

Setting up the Twitter feed to display testimonials is very easy. This can be done by making use of hashtags or an advanced search to only show testimonials about you or your company.

It has a lot of other great features also like for example, if you want to create a curated list of Twitter account then show them as feeds on your website.

In addition, the Custom Twitter Review Feed has the ability to moderate tweets to hide specified words in any tweet.

3. WPForms

This WordPress plugin has claimed the crown for the most used contact form which is used by over 3 million users. That’s not all the WPForms can also be used as a testimonial plugin. Its great feature allows you to modify the form and any form fields you wish to use.

The WPForms also lets you add a file upload option to your testimonial form. This file upload feature allows clients to upload different files such as photos of themselves with your product or even a short video clip.

WPForms can also be used to run surveys with awesome reports. This can be used to display information about how your clients make use of your products, their favorite products, including how satisfied they are with your product.

4. Site Reviews

The Site Review plugin allows your visitors to submit reviews with a 1 – 5 star rating. With the site review plugin, you will be able to pin your favorite reviews or testimonials so that it can be displayed first.

Moderation of new review submissions before approving them is also possible before they go live on your website.

This will help you in protesting against bad reviews. You can also choose to make registration on your website compulsory before users can leave a review.

It also allows you to respond to reviews easily, display a summary, and lots more.

They have a very active and quick to respond support through the forum for the plugin.

5. Easy Testimonials

The Easy Testimonials plugin allows you to put in testimonials from your WordPress admin dashboard or panel. Star ratings, portfolio, and the product or service they used, and their testimonials can be included.

When you enter their email id, The Easy Testimonials will immediately use their Gravatar image if they have one.

Easy Testimonial’s pro version lets you include a customer’s feedback form on your WordPress website.

Testimonials can also be displayed with the use of a simple shortcode.

6. Testimonials Widget

This is yet another great testimonial plugin and it is known for its flexibility.

Just like its name suggests, it lets you add testimonials anywhere on your website. Not only widgets it also lets you make use of sidebar widgets which is also an easy way to display testimonials. The testimonials can be displayed in different forms like a carousel with lovely slide-in and fade effects.

7. Strong Testimonials

Just as the name suggests, this is one of the most customizable WordPress testimonial plugins available out there. It has lots of testimonial sliders, grid layout, mason layout, single-column layout, etc.

The Strong Testimonials plugins also have a form that lets your customers easily enter their reviews and testimonials.

For those of you who are getting reviews on social media, then the pro version of the Strong Testimonials plugin can also embed reviews from Facebook, Google My Business, Yelp, etc.

There goes our list of the 7 best WordPress Testimonial plugins for WordPress. We hope this article was helpful to you. Feel free to share across your various social media platforms.

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